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What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

We all have pet peeves and things that push our triggers!

A recent Harris Poll surveyed over 2,200 people about their most annoying pet peeves. One of the most decisive responses was that Americans say they are most annoyed by parents that let their children run wild or are disruptive in public places. In fact 86% of people surveyed gave this response!

Other categories of the poll included:

*  Air travel – Misuse of overhead bins was a hot topic.

*  Drivers – Tailgating  and slow drivers in the passing lane were top contenders.

*  Tech habits – Talking too loud on cell phone was annoying to most people.

*  Bad behavior – Besides unruly kids, people who are chronically late and slobs top this list.

*  Social situations – Openly rude people and people who require too many special requests and substitutions when dining out.

You can read all the stats and see if you agree or disagree by clicking here

We want to hear from you. What really annoys you? What are your pet peeves?



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