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Top 7 Tips for Returning Holiday Gifts

Do you have holiday gifts to return? If so, these Top 7 Tips for Returning Holiday Gifts are just for you!

You may find yourself with an unwanted gift. May stores will allow refunds or exchanges because they want good customer relations. Did you know? These actions are privileges stores may or may not allow. They are not consumer rights

The three common categories of gifts that will be returned or refunded are clothes, toys/games and electronics.

Clothes and shoes – They make up a good percentage of all returns. Think about it – most people like to buy their own clothes and have their own style. Remember that ugly Christmas sweater?

Toys/Games – There are so many choices of toys and games with specific features that it is difficult to keep track of what each child wants. It is definitely easy to buy the wrong item. And, kids definitely know exactly what they want!

Electronics – They are so popular, but sometimes people miss the mark when they try to buy them for us. Did you want an iPad instead of a Samsung tablet? Or, did you want a Fitbit and got another brand instead? It’s enough to give you a headache!

returning holiday gifts

Here are your seven tips before hitting the stores for exchanges:

Receipt Or No Receipt

Well, guess what…either way you’re likely covered. This is good to know! However, one good reason to have the receipt is you will be able to get the full amount that was paid for the item as opposed to what could now be a reduced price. Always include a gift receipt from the store with your gift.

Receipts are usually needed for returns, so be sure you save them and have an ID card with you when you go to return. Merchant’s usually have a return policy. Be mindful that returns are a courtesy and as a shopper, you must follow store policy.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t wait too long before returning or exchanging gifts. Retailers have varying deadlines returns and exchanges. There are some retailers who have very liberal return and exchange polices, including no questions asked, but that is not true for all. Some are more generous than others. The average is about 30 days but they range from 9 days to 90 days. So, know each store’s policy.

Online Purchases

For gifts that were bought online from a merchant that also has a brick-and-mortar store, take the item to the store instead of returning it by mail. For online retailers only, go online and follow their step-by-step instructions, which often requires the gift’s order number.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular during the holiday season. If you received a gift card that you have no use for, consider going to an online website that will pay you for your cards at a reduced value.

Timing Is Everything

If you plan to return or exchange day after Christmas, it will likely mean standing in line at the store. Try to shop early, late or midday during the week to maximize your chances of shorter lines. However, the longer you wait the less selection you will have if you plan to exchange your gift.

Be Disciplined

Don’t be tempted to purchase something you don’t need just because you see a good deal when you are returning items to the store. Stores will be offering enticing discounts in hopes of making back some of the money they will lose on returns.

Have Patience and Wear Comfortable Shoes

Well, the above says it all…have patience and wear comfortable shoes when returning holiday gifts. You may be waiting in line so both these things are important. Also, don’t waste time trying to find the ideal parking spot close to the store entrance. Find any open parking spot and grab it.


returning holiday gifts

Returning Holiday Gifts – Suggestions for Success!



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