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Simple, Low Cost Open Air Snow Globe

Open Air Snow Globe Turn a clear glass hurricane into your own personalized Christmas landscape. 1. Arrange moss, faux berries and paper flowers inside hurricane 2. Add a faux bird and spray with faux snow 3. Add a touch of frosted-glass spray on the outside. You now have an economical, festive  open air snow globe   […]

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Cute Easter Bunny Cupcakes!

These quick and oh, so easy, Easter bunny cupcakes are perfect for Easter as well as for an animal-themed birthday party. Start with purchased cupcakes or make your own from scratch. 1. Place white decorating frosting into a pastry bag fitted with a multi-opening tip. Pipe frosting onto cupcakes. 2. Sprinkle a work surface with […]

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Go RVing the Colorado Way

You can go RVing in Colorado and have a wonderful experience because of the diversity of terrain that is available. Do you want a high-country sunset, a wide-open eastern plain’s view or to be near a bustling city? That and more is all at your fingertips when RV camping in Colorado. Traveling by RV is […]

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You’d be Nuts to Not Eat Nuts!

Okay, so you think if you eat nuts they will be too fattening and shouldn’t be part of your daily diet…think again! According to research, nuts can literally add years to your life. The less they are processed, the better they are for you! There are studies that confirm the healthy benefits of eating nuts. It seems that […]

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Independence Day, July 4th – What’s It All About?

We honor our Independence Day, July 4th, in many ways. However, everyone should know the historical significance of this special day. This article provides interesting and important information.   Independence Day – July 4th – What’s It All About? By []Ted Robinson What does Independence Day represent? Well, strictly speaking, it is a national holiday […]

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Travel – Packing Light & Packing Tight

Here are the secrets to packing for your next trip – packing light and packing tight!       Hey, guys…here’s a great resource for light weight packing when you travel…A Guy’s Guide to Packing Light. It includes tips on men’s shoes, outerwear, shirts, shorts, pants and jeans. You will also find packing guides and packing […]

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Active Adult Communities

Over 55 Communities: A New Way to Retire “More people today are making the move from the homes in which they raised a family to communities of like-minded neighbors who have retired or have re-focused their careers. The attraction of “over 55” communities is that most of one’s neighbors will have similar interests and more […]

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Colorado Classic Car Barn Find!

For you Mercedes Benz Classic Car Fans, you might find this article about perfectly preserved cars in Colorado very interesting!  I’m more of an American Classic Car fan. However, I love cars and especially classic cars!   “The 1968-1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 holds a unique place in auto history. Some consider it the first […]

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Throwback Thursday 1967 GTO

It’s Throwback Thursday, 1967 GTO.   Remember John DeLorean?  He designed the GTO for Pontiac (he also had his own DMC made out of ??? – Post Your Comment on the Colorado Over 50 Facebook page).   This muscle car is a classic and very popular today with restorers. It will no doubt remain popular […]

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