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Summer Travel Tips

The top of the list of Summer Travel Tips is – Don’t share your plans with everyone!

Take the privacy settings off public for your Facebook and other social media. 

Lots of thieves out there are just looking for someone leaving their home – A gold mine of stuff if found out!

OK, you’re going on a trip what else do you need to know?

Notify your bank so they don’t put a freeze on your account because of out of the ordinary charges and from a different locale.

Make sure you have extra medication. You don’t want to be without!

Give your family a copy of your itinerary in case an emergency might occur.

Put a hold on your mail. That can be done easily online at the USPS website.

Make a packing list…that way you won’t forget anything. Prepare a basic packing list that you can use for every trip and just add to it specific items as needed.

Make a “leaving the house” checklist that can be used for every trip. It makes closing up the house much easier and will give you peace of mind. 

These summer travel tips will make your trip more enjoyable!


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