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Study Reveals People Over 50 Are Sharper But Less Active

A new study is showing that people 50 and over are mentally sharper than ever before, and the reason is technology. However, the same study shows that Baby Boomers are now less active and a higher percentage are obese. German research published in the journal PLOS ONE said that while older people’s cognitive processing speed was strong, the average physical health of the older generation has declined.

Computers are keeping the 50 and over crowd mentally alert because the cognitive ability needed to use technology actually strengthens the mind.  Unfortunately, it’s the same technology that is making this group less active and obese, because we spend more time on our gadgets!

It’s all about balance!  We have the brain power, now we just need to use more of our extra time to get to the gym, take a daily walk or go for a swim.  The sky’s the limit if we can effectively do both!

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