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Simple, Low Cost Open Air Snow Globe

Open Air Snow Globe

Turn a clear glass hurricane into your own personalized Christmas landscape.

1. Arrange moss, faux berries and paper flowers inside hurricane

2. Add a faux bird and spray with faux snow

3. Add a touch of frosted-glass spray on the outside.

You now have an economical, festive  open air snow globe


snow globe


According to Wikipedia, snow globes are also called “waterglobes,” “snowstorms,” or “snowdomes.” They are a transparent sphere, traditionally made of glass, enclosing a miniaturized scene of some sort, often together with a model of a landscape. The sphere also encloses the water in the globe; the water serves as the medium through which the “snow” falls.

To activate the snow, the globe is shaken to churn up the white particles. The globe is then placed back in its position and the flakes fall down slowly through the water. Snow globes sometimes have a built-in music box that plays a song. Some snow globes have a design around the outer base for decoration.

In the United States, the first snow globe-related patent was granted in 1927 to Joseph Garaja of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1929, Garaja convinced Novelty Pool Ornaments to manufacture a fish version underwater.

During the 1940s in America, snow globes were often used for advertising. In Europe, during the 1940s and 1950s, religious snow globes were common gifts for Catholic children. Snow globes have appeared in a number of film scenes, the most famous of which is the opening of the 1941 classic Citizen Kane.

Today’s snow globes can include music boxes, moving parts, internal lights, and even electric motors that make the “snow” move so that it is no longer necessary to shake the globe. Some also have central slots for positioning items such as photographs.

Enjoy Making Your Own Christmas Snow Globe!

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