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Over 50? What Should I Eat?

Over 50? What Should I Eat?

By Alaine Nolt

We are bombarded by research, articles, and opinions of what to eat and what not to eat. It seems that what is “Good” one day is “Bad” the next day.

No matter what your Over 50 health circumstances and goals are, eating healthy foods is always an easy and available choice. What are these foods? My coaching consists of determining the foods that give your body nutritional fuel, which is sustained energy. The goal is to always burn fat, not sugar, as your fuel source.

Carbohydrates seem to have a poor reputation. However, they are integral to your Over 50 diet and when chosen wisely, they will not contribute to weight gain as we have been conditioned to believe. The intention should be to choose foods with nutritional value. JJ Virgin, Health & Wellness expert and four- time bestselling author, states, “Healthy slow-low carbs assist with digestion and fat burning, they are also low sugar impact, meaning they do not cause inflammation inducing spikes in bio-insulin.” We want allies in maintaining and/or losing weight. These foods can be eaten raw, mixed in salads, grilled, roasted, or added to smoothies. Some of these good carbs include berries, apples, sweet potatoes, chia seeds, pumpkin, cranberries, green beans, tomatoes, and quinoa. Food has power. It is important to eat less processed foods. The more processed on the outside, the less your body processes on the inside.

I encourage everyone Over 50 to enjoy the eating experience. Make a plate of beautiful foods and enjoy the aromas, colors, and textures. Create your own rainbow of inspiration on your table. Relax, take your time, do good for your Over 50 body.

“Aging does not mean getting old.” Alaine Nolt

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