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Over 50 Buyers and Tear Drop Trailers!


You got it – we older folks (Over 50) are bringing back a retro design “Tear Drop Trailers” for camping.  Remember these trailers? Well, the Over 50 buyers are loving them!

From the AARP article (by Rick Bruh, June 14, 2017): “They first appeared in the 1930s, when cars lacked much towing power. Their popularity faded in the 1960s, when cheap gas and mightier engines prompted a camper and RV trend. But now, light and aerodynamic — not to mention head-turning — teardrop trailers are back.”

Costs range from $500 for the build it yourself to $20,000, which is a custom version and, of course, already built for your needs. They are a perfect alternative for the Over 50 buyers!

The typical buyer usually has roots in camping. They are also usually a couple of years away from retirement. The beauty of the teardrop trailers is you have a comfortable bed inside, but you really live outside.

The units are typically 14 or 15 feet long, and they flip open in the back. There is a kitchen for gourmet outdoor cooking. There has been a dramatic increase in sales in the past four years.

Enjoy the retro camping experience!

(Article Photo Credit from AARP, June 14, 2017-see Link Below)

Link back to the original article at AARP.

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