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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Naturally dyed Easter eggs are unique and are becoming more and more popular!

*  Using fruits and vegetables to make the dye does take more time than to pick up a pack of Paas Easter Egg dye at the store, but it is a fun activity and well worth it.

*  Prepare the dyes a day or two ahead of time because of the time involved.

*  Use the following:  red cabbage, beets, red onion, yellow onion, blueberries, paprika, turmeric.

*  It’s fun to see what colors each fruit and vegetable will produce.

*  The longer the eggs are in the dye the brighter the color will be.

*  For really bright colors you may need to leave the egg in the dye for an hour or more.

*  A shorter period of “dye time” will result in beautiful muted colors.

* You might want to cover your table with a plastic table cloth and or paper because this can get a bit messy!

This is a fun activity for “kids” of all ages!

naturally dyed easter eggs

For complete instructions, Click Here

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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs – For something different and unique for Easter!


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