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How to Revive an Old Side Table

Is it time for a DIY project? We have just the project for you.

I ran across this easy, fun way to revitalize a not-so-new side table with leftover wallpaper and decoupage.

The neat thing about this project is that it can be tailored to any décor. Plus, you make use of wallpaper that is taking up room in your house!

Follow these easy steps for How to Revive an Old Side Table:

1) Paint the table with two coats of metallic paint and a coat of metallic glaze for extra shimmer. Let dry.

2) Cut wallpaper to fit the top of the table.

3)  Coat the table with decoupage glue, position the paper, and cover it with several layers of decoupage glue.

4) Make sure you allow each coat to dry before putting on the next coat.

5) Use a spray sealant as the last step to finish the top.

You now have a “new” side table!

Other projects using a roll of wallpaper include, entryway open locker cubbies, service cart, decorative shutters, headboard, display cabinet, wallpaper inserts trimmed with molding, updating a dresser, instant wall art of all kinds, frame update, and updating a lamp shade. 

 How to Revive an Old Side Table – A Fun, Practical DIY Project!


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