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Holiday Health Tips for the Over 50 Crowd!

These 9 Holiday Health Tips for the Over 50 Crowd will help you enjoy the holiday season.

  1. Have fun, watch the food intake – Don’t make food the main focus. Instead, emphasize the other rituals a holiday brings, such as  caroling or tree trimming.
  2. Modify your eating times – A light snack is fine to keep your blood sugar levels steady.
  3. Cut down your own Christmas tree – It will be fresher and you will burn more calories! Plus, the smell of a fresh tree is something most people like for the holidays!
  4. Indulge in only the most Special Holiday Treats – ‘Budget your food allowance’ to homemade, special treats that you or someone your know makes every year as a signature dish.
  5. Stay physically active – People who have the most physical activity through the holiday season show the least weight gain.
  6. Stock up on healthy foods in your freezer – Several weeks ahead of time cook healthy meals specifically for the freezer. It is also a good idea to have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand for snacking or as an accompaniment to a protein main dish.
  7. Start a project to keep your mind off food and eating too much – Namely, organize your family photos. Wouldn’t you and/or your family members or friends love to get a small album filled with photos from years past? You can make that happen!
  8. Pour your special gravy lightly, small amount – Forego the sauce or gravy or spoon on just a small amount.
  9. Eat and drink in moderation – One Glass of Champagne…please. Alcohol can interfere with your blood sugar by slowing the release of glucose into the bloodstream. It also contains a lot of calories and breaks down your inhibitions and judgment making you less resistant to junk foods!



holiday health tips

Follow these holiday health tips to truly enjoy the holidays!

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