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Fall Decorating – Top 3 Ideas

It’s Time for Fall Decorating!

Here’s a poem to get you in the mood…

Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception.
Watching the trees turn from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow and red is a spectacular experience.
One can almost be blinded by the fiery brilliance.
How can it be that all this beauty is sign of death and decay?
With all this beauty there is a certain sadness in knowing that the changing colors foreshadow the arrival of a long cold winter. (Source…)

There are so many ideas out there for fall decorating that it is difficult to choose favorites. Here are three fall decorating ideas that are especially appealing. They are also easy to put together!

Fall Decorating – Fall Pumpkin Chair

Let’s start out with something for the porch or for any room of the house to add that touch of fall…a Fall Pumpkin Chair! How cute is this and easy to paint. Look around your house for an appropriate chair or make a trip to the thrift store. You can use this chair year round by using a cushion other times of the year to cover up the pumpkin. Fall Decorating Pumpkin Chair

Fall Decorating – Rustic Fall Table Centerpiece

This rustic fall table centerpiece is made from old fence boards and filled with candles, pumpkins and gourds. If you can’t find fence boards, any distressed wood would do the trick.

Fall Decorating

Fall Decorating – Fall Décor Mailbox

For those of you who still have a mailbox, this simple display gives an inviting touch to your yard and home. It also doesn’t interfere with the delivery of mail! Be creative and use flowers and ribbon of your choice that will accent your house.

Fall Decorating Mailbox

Fall decor is abundant in the stores and online. However, don’t forget about shopping at thrift stores and second hand stores. When people clean out cupboards, drawers and closets, they get rid of seasonal items as well as normal everyday items.

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