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Archive | Legal Issues for Baby Boomers

Wills and Estate Planning

Do you have a Will? Have you thought about Wills and Estate Planning? It’s really important… it could affect your family’s ability to provide for its needs if not done correctly. A sample from the article:  “If you care about what happens to your money, home, and other property after you die, you need to […]

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Why Is Estate Planning Good For You?

Estate planning gives you piece of mind and eases stress. Why Is Estate Planning Good For You? By [] Christopher Nolt Estate Planning involves creating a strategy and plan for people who want to distribute their wealth and property after their demise. The plan or arrangement permits authorities to distribute wealth to the family or […]

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Work Option When Caring For An Elderly Parent

There are work options for those people who are caregivers. Here is valuable information for those finding themselves in this situation in their life.  Work Option When Caring For An Elderly Parent By []Michele Chatburn Being a stay at home Mom or Dad is not the only reason to consider becoming a professional virtual assistant. […]

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Estate Planning: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Isn’t So Crummey

Estate Planning: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Isn’t So Crummey By [,_Esq.]Thomas Upchurch, Esq. The tax loophole referred to as “Crummey Power” is named after Clifford Crummey who created a trust in order to transfer his assets with the intention of avoiding estate and inheritance taxes upon his demise. The Internal Revenue Service was not pleased […]

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Baby Boomers Caring for Dying Parents

Boomer beware when caring for dying parents By Gwen Fitzgerald on September 3, 2013 in Your Column Here – See more at:  A legal ruling emerging recently from a storefront courtroom in rural Pottsville, Pa., could impact tens of millions of baby boomers nationwide caring for their aging and dying parents. This relatively obscure […]

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Retiring as a Single Woman

Retiring As a Single Woman – How to Find Satisfaction By []Leslie C Smith We have all seen the commercials. The mature couple walking hand and hand down the beach, spending time together with the grandkids, or dancing to an oldie but goodie. They are enjoying their retirement. But, you have worked hard and want […]

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Cyberspace, Law, and You!

Cyberspace, the law and you… it’s all around us! You can’t turn around anywhere, figuratively speaking, and not run into Social Media. Oh well… have you thought of how social media affects law? A very well written article in the Colorado Springs Style Magazine – January/February 2014 issue by Neal Reid will give you the […]

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