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Archive | Legal Issues for Baby Boomers

Watch Out For Fraud!

Watch out for fraud, it’s everywhere and the explosion of the Internet and social media has facilitated a plethora of schemes that will trick you into falling as prey. What are these fraudsters going after? Your money. Your Personally Identifiable Information. (Known as PII – social security number, addresses, phone number, bank account numbers, credit […]

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Remarrying in Retirement? This is for You!

Remarrying in retirement?  This article is for you! Because Baby Boomers are divorcing at an alarming rate, many of them find themselves marrying for a second or third time. That means they are marrying later in life which presents potential problems, such as ex-spouses, stepchildren and retirement savings. These variables warrant special attention and open […]

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The Importance of Regular ‘Check Ups’ for Your Estate Plan

The Importance of Regular ‘Check Ups’ for Your Estate Plan By []Rich Lynn Many people visit their doctors at least once a year to undergo a “check up” of their physical health. Unfortunately, too many people overlook the importance of doing a regular check on the well-being of their estate plans. Proper estate planning involves […]

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Mobile Identity Theft – Prevention Tips

Mobile Identity Theft – Prevention Tips By []Meini Listanti Mobile Identity theft is scaling new heights. Not only this, it is expected to grow considerably. The primary reason for it is the soaring use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. According to the statistics, there is a new case of identity theft every […]

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Are Your Legal Papers in Order?

Review the Following Documents and See Your Lawyer! Powers’ of Attorney (as defined by dictionary references below) Durable Power of Attorney A power of attorney instrument gives one person—the attorney in fact—the power to act for another in a general manner for all things, or for specifically listed things or areas described in the power. The power ceases […]

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