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A Chocolate Pill for the Over 50 Population?

We all know by now that dark chocolate is said to have certain health benefits….but a chocolate pill? Researchers have linked regular consumption of chocolate to a reduced risk of heart disease. Which is great news, right?! Well, yes and no. Natural cocoa contains compounds known as flavanols or polyphenols. These have been shown to improve […]

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7 Health Benefits of Honey for People Over 50

Sometimes we underestimate the health benefits that are sitting in our own cupboards!  Learn more here about the health benefits of honey and especially for the Over 50 crowd. Honey is one of nature’s natural sweeteners, but it also has many health benefits you may not be aware of. Honey is loaded with antibacterial and […]

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Colon Cancer Rates & Deaths in the Over 50 Crowd!

There is good news for the Over 50 population in our country; namely, colon cancer rates fell 32 percent since the year 2000. Deaths from the disease fell by 43 percent. Now, that’s good news! The declines are attributed to increased screening. The screening includes detecting and removing precancerous polyps. This information is according to […]

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Exercise Cuts Cancer Risk – Important for Over 50!

An international research study shows how exercise cuts cancer risk. According to JAMA Internal Medicine, this study involved 1.4 million people which is a significant number of participants. “The researchers analyzed data from participants in 12 U.S. and European study groups who self-reported their physical activity between 1987 and 2004. The authors looked at the […]

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10 Things To Do With Lemons

Most of us love our lemons in lemonade, or lemon meringue pie, or maybe in our water!  But did you know there are countless ways to use lemons, and many have nothing to do with cooking? Here are 10 different ways you can use lemons in your home that you might have never known about! […]

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Want To Be Fit? Work Your Core!

As we grow older, we know the body loses muscle mass. So, be fit and work your core! Strengthening the core is the answer to being healthy and preventing injuries as we age. You can do this! Just stay consistent with your regular workouts while adding the 5 exercises below into your rotation. Be Fit and follow […]

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