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Do You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Are you a little more irritable this time of year? More tired? Do you just feel “down in the dumps” and lack energy? Many people who feel like they just have the “Holiday Blues” may actually be suffering from something more serious called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It effects more than half a million Americans […]

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How to Calm the Thanksgiving Blues!

So many of us look forward to Thanksgiving with anticipation of friends and family gathering around for a delicious meal as well as good, lively conversation. However, some people may actually dread the holiday and see it as a lonely and disappointing time because they are going through a bad time in their life. Tough […]

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Seven Simple Guidelines for a Healthy Over 50 Life!

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. We have seven guidelines for a healthy Over 50 life which are easy to incorporate into your everyday life. How to be Healthy Over 50: 1)  Consult with and maintain a relationship with your primary care physician Pay attention to medication instructions and keeping them current Routine checkups […]

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Migraine Headache Herbal Tea

Do you or someone you know have migraines? This Migraine Headache Herbal Remedy Tea multitasks by increasing circulation while soothing the effects anxiety causes by a irritated nervous system. The revival of plant-based healing is freeing us from our dependence on pharmaceuticals. Migraine Headache Herbal Remedy Tea Ingredients *Purchase organically-grown or wild harvested herbs whenever possible. […]

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Over 50? What Should I Eat?

Over 50? What Should I Eat? By Alaine Nolt We are bombarded by research, articles, and opinions of what to eat and what not to eat. It seems that what is “Good” one day is “Bad” the next day. No matter what your Over 50 health circumstances and goals are, eating healthy foods is always an […]

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