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Can’t Finish Your Taxes on Time?

April 15 is almost here! However, taxes aren’t due until April 18 this year! If you can’t finish your taxes on time, relax. You have options. If you don’t have your documents in order or haven’t made real progress on your tax return yet, filing for an extension by April 18 sounds like a good […]

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Medicare Cards and Social Security Numbers

Did you know there are changes being made to Medicare cards? Did you ever wonder why your Social Security number is on your Medicare card? This certainly raises the potential for identity theft and is of great concern for older Americans. Did you know that nearly 10,000 people apply for Medicare every day? Identity protection […]

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Warning – Credit Card Use During the Holidays

Action News 13 (in Las Vegas) reported that the local FBI office is warning about credit card use during the holidays.  You may get your card hacked.     From the article and Video (Click Here for the Report): “The Las Vegas FBI says your wallet is at risk. The upcoming holiday season means you […]

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Baby Boomers – Retire or Start a Business?

There is some interesting information on the Baby Boomer generation that a large number are starting businesses versus retiring. So… Ask yourself  >>> Do you want to retire or start a business? An interesting article at Entrepeneuer points out some interesting research on Baby Boomers starting their own business. From the article (Click Here for […]

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Baby Boomer – Take the Tradeoffs Quiz

OK, what is the Tradeoffs Quiz? It’s a quiz directed at the Baby Boomer for investing, buying, purchasing and lifestyle. Are you making the tradeoffs that you need to maintain your lifestyle and provide financial security? A few minor changes in your financial decision making can mean more financial security going forward. Tradeoffs asked: How […]

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Consider Tax Planning Strategies

Year end is certainly a good time to consider tax planning strategies – however, you would be wise to look at long-term strategies. Get with your certified financial advisor to get a plan for the strategies that fit your needs!  Think long-term tax strategies to protect your financial assets. An interesting article (Click Here) outlines three […]

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Health Care Open Enrollment Begins November 1

Obtaining health insurance coverage can be complicated. Whether you have insurance through an employer or obtain it individually, making sure you have the right coverage is a confusing process. Health care open enrollment beings November and runs through January 31. Gold, silver and bronze plans are available in the marketplace with a number of different […]

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Baby Boomer Retirement Trends 2016

  Did you know… Baby Boomers are entering their retirement years and are actually reinventing what it means to be retired. We are sharing baby boomer retirement trends so you, your friends, family and co-workers can be prepared. A recent study examined how retirement is changing in America. This is how retirement for baby boomers […]

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