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Boy & Girl Water Fountain Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoy this unique boy and girl water fountain jigsaw puzzle. This is a real water fountain in Salida, Colorado! Just move the pieces anywhere on the board…the pieces don’t rotate. They ‘click’ when they are in place. Notice the timer at the bottom of the puzzle…play often! You may also work it at: Related […]

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Autumn Leaves

  Autumn Leaves Changing Colors   As summer ends and autumn comes Days get shorter, misty and cold And in this spectacular season Nature’s beauty graciously unfold Trees get ready to slow down And in autumn take some rest And show amazing colors of love That are all at their best Green fades away quickly […]

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Top 4 Ways to Stay Mentally Fit!

   Do you want to Stay Mentally Fit? Do you want to cultivate brain fitness as you age?   Baby Boomers need to consider the mind as well as the physical body when talking about health.   Here are four ways to keep your brain young and agile:   Mental Stimulation – Puzzles and games […]

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