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Over 50 Buyers and Tear Drop Trailers!

  You got it – we older folks (Over 50) are bringing back a retro design “Tear Drop Trailers” for camping.  Remember these trailers? Well, the Over 50 buyers are loving them! From the AARP article (by Rick Bruh, June 14, 2017): “They first appeared in the 1930s, when cars lacked much towing power. Their […]

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Credit Breach Precautions for Those Over 50!

A very large credit service recently reported a breach of personal credit information of nearly 143 million people, this should alarm us all.  If you were one of the 143 million, you probably want to learn about credit breach precautions.   Information that was compromised may have included your Social Security number, address, phone numbers, […]

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Emergency Preparedness – Be Ready, Don’t Wait!

Emergency preparedness is vital, be ready now and don’t wait till it is too late.  September is Emergency Preparedness month, the recent hurricanes that struck the southeast United States show how important it is to be prepared.  Being prepared for emergencies before the crisis or disaster occurs can impact your family’s ability to recover. The […]

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2017 Pikes Peak Regional Air Show

The USAF Thunderbirds will perform, plus flying demonstrations by WWII-era and collectible vintage aircraft. The Air Show will be at Colorado Springs Airport.  If you want to get involved you can Volunteer now for the biggest Colorado Airshow: The 2017 Pikes Peak Regional Airshow! Volunteers needed for: Admissions – Sell and validate tickets, distribute entry […]

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Colorado Mountains Bike Ride for the Over 50 Crowd!

How about a Colorado Mountains Bike Ride?  On a Bike not a Motorcycle (a.k.a. Bike). Watch this video to get the urge to get out and enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery. Do you know that for many motorcycle riders, exploring Colorado (CO) motorcycle roads is the ultimate motorcycle touring dream?  It is perhaps the top […]

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July 4th – Do You Know?

You probably know about these July 4th facts…well, maybe not. Here are some facts about the background of July 4th. Do you know: What day did most signers of the Declaration of Independence actually sign the document? Aug. 2, 1776 How many people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th? Two Which three of the […]

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