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3D Printing – The Place to Print Your Ideas!

We’ve all heard of 3D printing, but if you’re like me, you aren’t all that familiar with it.

So, what is 3D printing? It means printing things layer by layer according to a 3D design file.

Here’s what you can make with 3D printing:

  • * True-to-life replicas
  • * High-resolutions models
  • * Functioning prototypes
  • * Visual Aids
  • * Real-world products

Well, now you have access to an actual 3D printing service in Colorado that caters to consumers, hobbyists, and professionals – The 3D Printing Store!

Consumers – There are premade 3D items for sale or you can bring in your own CAD files and print them. You can also customize pre-designed items.

Hobbyists – If you are an inventor or artist, you can schedule time to run more intensive and time consuming designs.

Professionals – Architects and engineers can have their prototypes or designs created.

Locations – Denver, Broomfield, Colorado Springs and Monte Vista.

For more details: Click Here

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